Experience you can rely on!

Our proven & industry renowned solutions transform the way brand owners engage with relevant audiences, both online and in-store. Our experience spreads over more than 50 global brands, over 40 markets – across 5 continents and nearly 300 eRetailers.

Digital Shelf

Our team of Digital Shelf Experts will provide the support your Brand needs to win your shoppers, consumers & customers! Our goal is to win the Digital Shelf battle against your competitors

Extensive Experience

In DSW® we rely on a combined experience of nearly 20 years of successfull Digital Shelf Projects, a.k.a. Perfect Store Online, for some of the largest CPG/FMCG companies in the world.

Broad Expertise

Our experts have successfully lead significant Digital Shelf projects for dozens of global leading Brands, with a total span of nearly 300 eRetailers globally, in more than 40 markets, with nearly 10.000 SKUs.

Achieving Targets

Our experts have been known for class-leading Digital Shelf platform selection processes, efficient roll-out programs, exceeding Digital Shelf KPI Targets, allowing Brand Teams to focus on higher value tasks through significant time saving and increased actionability, significant improvement of data accuracy.

Recognized & Certified

We take pride to be amongst the selected agencies with employees certified by the most successfull Digital Shelf tracking providers – Data Impact, EDGE Digital Shelf, Profitero, eCommerce Insights. We are certified both for Digital Shelf &  Market Share / Sales and Shares platforms.

eContent Creation

Our eContent Life Cycle starts earlier and finishes later compared to our peers. We have high end resources supporting our clients as early as Innovation Concept & Artwork Design. That goes as far as using our Digital Shelf capabilities to ensure optimal performance once our content is live & kickin’

Leading Industry Expertise

We are part of the GS1 Mobile Ready Hero Group from the beginning that in 2018 started the definition of the GS1 Mobile Ready Hero Images Guidelines.

Implementing workflow tools for content creation: check out a success story with our founder for Adobe Workfront.

eContent that Converts

Our goal has always been to create content that moves the needle on the Digital Shelf. If you would like some evidence, please check this success story with our founder for Cambridge University.

Or reach out to us directly, so we can reveal other success stories of eContent that increased sales more thatn three fold, page views more than four times, & much more besides.

Successful eContent Factory

Swiftly & efficiently building a team of content experts – designers, project managers, copy writers, data & maintenance support.

Reach out to us directly, to receive successful examples of significantly increased quality of content, speed of delivery, reduced time for content approval & dramatically increased internal stakeholder satisfaction.

eContent Management & Distribution

We’ve got proven experience of removing the pain of managing & distributing product Information, Copy and Digital Assets. Leave it to us to ensure your eContent is stored & managed, as well as optimally distributed to hundreds of eRetailers, Brand Sites, Webshops, D2C sites, etc.

Take away the pain

For all companies we have worked with eContent Management & Distribution essential for business, but inefficient, tedious & cumbersome. Hence we have flexible solutions: ranging from automatized to outsourced team services.


Our experts have been successfully working on various platforms for Product Information Management (PIM), Digital Asset Management (DAM) & Content Distribution (SAP Hybris, Brandbank, Alkemics, Salsify, Validoo, Markant, Lansa, Aecoc, Celum, Canto, to name a few).

eContent Measurement & Analytics

We’re armed with expertise in optimizing product titles, descriptions, eRetail SEO, digital assets & videos and rich content to ensure products appear on top of the search results and increase sales.

Proven Track Record

We would struggle to name a case when we measured performance of updated eContent and it didn’t perform better! We have seen major sales increases, faster speed to basket, increased conversions & traffic, share of search, etc. Talk to us to so we can share actual stats

Flexibility for success

We believe that nothing on the Digital Shelf is set-and-forget: we must constantly test, learn & adapt swiftly in order to succeed. The close collaboration with our eContent creation team allow us to act autonomously and fast – thanks to a short turn around time.

Actionable Insights

We provide specific actionable insights based on our analytics, as well as our operations teams for Brand owners. Very often we can transmit insights to other relevant stages of the eContent Lifecycle, thus ensuring immediate as well as long-term success.

Added Value Services

We are very proud of having the passion & capability to tackle our customers’ challenges. As a result we often end up supporting ad-hoc projects around the Digital Shelf

Provider Review

We have been part of evaluating providers in the areas of Digital Shelf Tracking, Ratings & Reviews Syndication & Semantic Analysis, Where to Buy / Buy Now, eCommerce Market Share, to name a few. Hence, when a Brand needs support we up to the challenge, as much as even leading RFPs.

Bring the value of existing tools

We believe that having the right tool, platform, software, is just the first step. But where we bring added value is understand & make sense out of the data, potentially create a clear action plan.

Keep the value in-house

Whatever we do, we aim at creating best-in-class guidelines, training materials, execute on-demand tailored training, keep up to date internal teams, onboard new users, onboard the broader Brand internal teams. We teach internal teams to win the Digital Shelf as we work together.

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